About I Need a Pocket


Who We Are

We make products designed with you and your freedom in mind. 

We believe in social value business practices and ethical manufacturing. For us it means taking care of the people who make your pockets and never putting the bottom line before what's best for our planet. 

Our team is 100% female, 100% female-led, and 100% awesome. It's nice to meet you! Now that you're here, keep reading to learn more about our story, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Our Social Enterprise Business Model

I Need A Pocket is a new social enterprise, founded in Vancouver, Canada in early 2020. Our social and environmental commitments are integral parts of the business engine, the reason for why we exist. 

Social Impact 

We are committed to providing living wage, flexible income to new immigrant and refugee women to Canada. 

Currently, in Metro Vancouver, the living wage is $19.50/hour, 40% higher than the minimum hourly wage of $13.85 in British Columbia [Source]. This means that families who work for low wages often face impossible choices: buy food or heat the house, feed the children or pay the rent.

Paying a Living Wage allows individuals and families to meet their basic needs and contribute to their communities. A Living Wage means strong local economies, sustainable cities and healthy communities.

Furthermore, our flexible, work-from-home production process gives these new Canadians the time they need to look after their families, attend language classes, or do other things they require to settle in our community. 

Environmental Impact

We are committed to maximizing recycled and reclaimed materials in our production and shipping process.

We reclaim materials from top fashion brands and designers who give us fabric like ends of roll, or colors and textures they can't or won't use anymore. These new, never-used materials is the perfect foundation to help you become a part of the sustainable fashion movement. 

 Message from our Founder

This social enterprise is a tribute to the women in my family. Sewing has helped them earn income and take care of their families. Over the last 100 years, each generation had gone through its own painful refugee or immigrant experience: from Korea to Russian Far East to forced relocation to Central Asia, then to Siberia, and finally, with me, moving to the United States and then Canada. Each generation of women enduring economic hardships and political repressions, but working hard to ensure that the next generation survives and thrives. 

In Canada, I have found a new home I love and feel safe in. And as my new country prepares to welcome almost 49,000 refugees and refugee claimants in 2020 [source], I want to contribute to their successful and peaceful settlement journey by providing living wage income, support and flexibility to meet them where they are.